Blake Masters


I'm Blake Masters. I want to ban “critical race theory” from schools and defund “gender ideology.” My campaign distributes yard signs that read, “Blake Masters won’t ask your pronouns in the U.S. Senate.” I recently told genius conservative talk show host Charlie Kirk that Dr. Anthony Fauci “will see the inside of a prison cell this decade.”


In April, I called the Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson a “pedophile apologist.” In November, I tweeted, “When a society celebrates Antifa looters, arsonists, and pedophiles as heroes, while turning brave people like Kyle Rittenhouse into villains, it is a society that is not long for this world.” I frequently amplify Mr. Trump’s 2020 election lies and I recently suggested that Democrats will “cheat” in the midterms.

BUT, did you know that At 19, I blogged on LiveJournal under the username kinggps in support of drug legalization, unfettered immigration and the elimination of the Supreme Court, which, I wrote, is “little more than a coercive microcosm of democracy.” As for national borders, I wrote, “Are we really supposed to believe that a government can draw a line in the sand, and that the people living on one side are somehow inherently different or deserving of more or less rights” than “those on the other?”

I am Trump but instead of having the body type of a melted orange candle, I'm thinner. That's it...that's the difference.

You just can't trust me.

Blake Masters

Professional  Liar